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- accident and insurance estimates & repairs

                                                   - pickup and delivery available


         sleeve, JE pistons, Wiseco pistons, Webcam, APE,  Spiegler, Scotts, Heli,  and  more…..


 - power commander installations & tuning

 - carburator rejetting




      - accessory installation and wiring

      - fuel injection and ignition systems testing


      - fuel injector cleaning and testing
      - rejetting of carburetors
      - syncronization of throttle-bodies and carbs.
      - power commander mapping




      - brake pad replacement, fluid flushing and steel line upgrades





       - wheel bearing replacement





       -boring and precision machine work

       -wheel building

       -powder coating


       -painting and bodywork




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Located behind new Palace Casino,       SW corner of 220th & 70th in Mountlake Terr.



Seattle Cycle Service
7032 220th St SW
Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Phone 425-778-4333